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Protein Powder Drink

Chanka Piedra
A plant for crushing kidney stones and gallstones

Strength: Maximum strength extract
Size: 500 mg herbal capsules
Quantity: 60 x in each bottle

CHANKA PIEDRA - Kidney Stone Breaker

SKU: CPBHT-717410-784993
90,00GEL Regular Price
45,00GELSale Price
    • Severe pain in the side , back and down
    • The pain extends to the bottom of the abdomen and to the groin
    • The pain comes with intense waves
    • Pain when urinating
    • Pink, red or brown urine
    • Turbid or bad-smelling urine
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Constant exertion during urination
    • Fever and chills if there is an infection on the face
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